If you want to steal my artwork, go for it. 
But before you do, I ask you to consider the fact that I've put a lot of time, effort, thought and in most cases...emotion into my work.  These pieces are a part of me and many of them tell MY story. So if you can respect that, then I'm cool with you stealing my work as long as you adhere to the following "agreements",
1- You can steal my work as long as you do something with it to make it your own. 
Filter it, change colors, change styles, add to it, remove from it, just do SOMETHING different with it. As long as it ends up being DISTINCTLY different from my piece, we won't have any problems. 
But if you simply paint your name over mine and present my work as your own... then we will have a problem. And I don't like having problems. 
2- Give me credit where credit is due.  
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